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Transform your leadership and business practices and connect with like-minded leaders committed to running their businesses and teams more consciously. All of our programs include real-world application and faculty-supported peer learning.

Leadership DNA:
A Self-Leadership Journey to Healthy "Inner Culture"

The culture in our organizations is a reflection of our "inner culture." Our inner culture is comprised of our values, beliefs, and self talk. We must learn to consciously lead ourselves first, before being a conscious leader to others. You'll build a foundation of practices and habits for self-leadership, healing your patterns, decolonizing your leadership mindset, and healing toxic relational patterns within yourself, to put an end to harmful work culture. The leadership of the future is authentic and embodied. This program will support you to become exactly that. 

Image by Aaron Burden

Living Leaders Accelerator Program:
Running a Regenerative Team & Organization

Are you ready to start living into your leadership potential? Learn to create an inner culture that supports you to be a more conscious leader. You'll build a foundation of practices and habits for consciously managing yourself ad your team. Then, you'll design regenerative systems for running your teams. Regenerative systems are life-giving and build cyclical momentum, rather than extracting value for insatiable linear growth. 

Image by Martin Rancourt

Healing Burnout & Work Trauma:
A Deep Dive into Toxic Work Patterns & How to Heal Them

Burnout is quickly becoming one of the biggest threats to our ability to create positive impact in this world. Whether burnout comes from extractive managerial practices rooted in the colonial mindset, or comes from a loss of hope in the face of our collapsing systems, burnout prevents us from being able to show up as our best selves. In this deep dive, we'll get curious about the root causes of burnout, the science behind the symptoms, and how to heal the patterns that cause it so that we can prevent it before it happens.

Image by Lina Trochez
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