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Cycle Syncing

Build cyclical momentum in your work + life

Unlock the wisdom of the feminine in every aspect of life.

It has never been so important to return to the natural rhythms of our bodies. Everywhere we look, there is imbalance and injustice in our world. For centuries western culture has suppressed and undervalued the gifts of the feminine (regardless of gender).

For those of us who menstruate, there is a built in rhythm (called the Infradian Rhythm) that mimics the moon's cycle. Just like the moon, the menstrual cycle has 4 phases. There are unique energies and gifts available to us during each. 

Cycle syncing allows us to step into a regenerative relationship to food, exercise, each other, and our work or creations. Living cyclically helps us access a deep power and wisdom innate to our bodies, while living more sustainably within our outer world. 

A Message from Nicole.

I believe that anyone who menstruates has the right to this knowledge. I grieved deeply for not knowing this sooner. Cycle syncing allows us to reclaim the innate wisdom of our bodies, and step into our power as cyclical beings. We can do this through cyclical eating, exercise, and leadership practices, which honor the natural rhythms of our bodies. The resources on this page are the distillation of months of research and years of practice. Each guide is written to make cycle syncing accessible and approachable to all. And my online course is designed for healing and integration in community.


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What You'll Find on This Page

3 How-To Guides


1 Online Course

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Cycle syncing guides
Cycle Syncing Course

Three powerful guides
to jump-start your practice.

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Food is medicine.

Your menstrual cycle has 4 distinct phases, each requiring different nutrients for optimal hormonal health. In fact, your metabolism and appetite shift drastically depending on which phase of your cycle you are in. This is why so many diet programs fail women. 

Cyclical eating helps heal the hormonal imbalances that cause cramps, PMS, and fatigue. Plus, it completely changes your relationship to food and your body. 

In this guide, you will find:

  • The 4 phases of the menstrual cycle

  • Foods for each phase

  • Grocery shopping lists

  • Printable cheat sheet for your fridge

  • Tips for getting started with cyclical eating


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Workout smarter, not harder. 

The female body is optimized for burning fat and building muscle at different times during the menstrual cycle. By exercising in harmony with your cycle, you'll see better results, and working out will feel better. 

Your body's energy and stamina naturally rise and fall according to your hormonal fluctuations each month. 

In this guide, you will find:

  • The fundamentals behind cyclical exercise

  • "Hacks" for more easily burning fat and increasing muscle at key times in your cycle

  • Recommended workouts for each phase

  • Practices for reducing painful cramps. 


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Your cycle is the key to unlocking your feminine leadership potential.

Each phase of the menstrual cycle offers unique gifts that can be utilized at work, Cycle syncing at work can help prevent work trauma responses, heal burnout, and boost creativity. It is possible to improve your health WHILE getting better business results. 

Inside this guide, you will find:

  • How to harness your cyclical nature as. a strategic advantage 

  • Leading from the feminine gifts that our world so desperately needs

  • Core business practices for each phase

  • Why PMS and cramps aren't normal

  • Activities you can do solo or with your team during each phase

  • Recommendations for morning routines for each phase


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Cycle Syncing Course

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Unlock your natural rhythm

Cycle syncing is the practice of living in harmony with your menstrual cycle. We can harness this internal rhythm to generate momentum in our health, relationships, work and lives. You are your greatest asset. Your body holds the wisdom for unlocking your feminine gifts and creative flow. Everything feels more easeful when we are in sync with this rhythm. 

The Benefits of Cycle Syncing

  • Better business results

  • More energy and less burnout

  • Less (or no) cramps and PMS

  • Less anxiety and depressive moods

  • More flow state (the feeling of getting more done with less effort)

  • More initiative and follow-through on your biggest goals

  • Greater creativity

  • Higher quality of strategic, long-term thinking

  • Intuitive decision making for your business

  • Better communication with your team

  • More effective board meetings, investor pitches and team meetings

  • Deeper clarity on direction and purpose

  • A greater level of organization in your personal and professional life

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Who is This Course For? 


​Regardless of background or experience, this program is for any human who has, or prefers to operate from a menstrual cycle. 


This program is for you if:

  • You know that business as usual isn't working

  • You believe that our planet and society is calling us to a more feminine, regenerative way of living + working

  • You're tired of feeling drained and burnt out with no long-term solution

  • You want to step into your fullest expression as a creator or leader

  • You feel like much of your untapped creativity is wasted by modern work culture

  • You have big dreams and want to fully realize them without sacrificing the health of your body

A 5-Week Virtual Journey

Inside the Course


  • Module 1: Cycle Syncing Fundamentals. Learn to track your cycle (even if you have an IUD or irregular periods)

  • Module 2: Cyclical Eating & Exercise. Learn to eat cyclically and plan meals to boost your metabolism, immune system, and energy levels at every phase of your cycle. (Don't worry, it's VERY intuitive). Learn to honor your body's cycle in exercise to unlock increased energy levels, healthy weight loss, and mental focus.

  • Module 3: Cyclical Relationships. Learn to bring more love, presence, and sensuality to your relationships (including your relationship to self!)

  • Module 4: Cycle Syncing at Work. Learn to organize your work and goals around your cycle to build momentum and results.

  • BONUS! Cycle Syncing in Teams. Learn how to bring cyclical awareness to your team culture, so you can start unlocking your cyclical super powers, collectively.



What is Included

  • 5 Self-Paced Video Course Modules

  • A beautiful slide deck with each module

  • Cyclical Eating Guide with Grocery Lists & Printable Cheat Sheet

  • Cyclical Exercise Guide PDF

  • Relationship Practices for Each Phase

  • Cyclical Leadership Guide PDF

  • Access to group discussion boards with other students and alumni 

  • Audio versions of all modules to listen on the go!

  • Lifetime Access to all of this content forever

Cycle Syncing Course
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 💜

You are more important to me than your money. If you decide this experience isn't right for you within the first 45 days of course access, get your money back no questions asked.

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