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Our Theory of Change

The health and stability of an organization is only as healthy as the individual members of its team. Each one of us is a complex system of beliefs, skills, and stories. We bring these patterns to every relationship we have, whether we are aware or not. Our relational dynamics and the stories we tell make up our organization's DNA. When we bring conscious awareness to our patterns and actions, we can begin to heal internally, externally, and collectively.

We need conscious leadership across all levels of the system.

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As leaders, we bring our trauma, shadows, and patterns to our teams...

"Hurt people hurt people."

...that's why our model includes Self-Healing.

Each of us has our own "inner culture" comprised of our values, beliefs, and self talk. This shows up in our relationships, our language and our actions. We have to heal ourselves if we want to heal the world.

Leadership starts with you and ripples out into everything you do.

We must learn to lead ourselves first. We can't do that without self-visibility. Through conscious leadership practices, we bring awareness to ourselves and our work.

Conscious leaders know how to manage energy and emotions. They develop heightened sensitivity to what is happening in their inner world, their team, organization, and industry. This receptivity allows us to be better attuned to our contexts, and navigate accordingly. 

Our relationships are a powerful technology, for unlocking more collective intelligence and shared purpose in teams. The human systems that run our companies are just as important as our operational systems. This includes how we communicate and care for one another. It's time to heal burnout and work trauma for good. 

What happens when you put hyperaligned people inside of an organization that looks like nature designed it? THAT is the experiment that humanity is living into right now. Our hunch is that biomimic (or nature-inspired) operational design is critical for creating sustainable, resilient companies that can weather the unprecedented change that is coming to our world (climate change, system collapse, mass extinction).

We already hold the blueprint in our Leadership DNA. Our ancestors understood how to live in harmony with the Earth. It's time to integrate new AND ancient wisdom, and come home to "the better world our hearts know is possible." 

We're in this together, and it starts with YOU. 

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Starting with Self-Leadership

We must learn to lead ourselves first. By bringing awareness and intentional design to our beliefs, habits, and actions, we begin operating from more integrity, self-discipline, and authenticity (truth). We get to become the leaders that our future ancestors need us to be.

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Relating more consciously

Culture is built on relational patterns. Through our communication, language, and practices for relating and sharing information, we build the social fabric or human relationship technology to support 21st century organizations. 

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Synchronizing as a system

Most of us have never experienced the level of coherence that is possible when collective intelligence is unlocked through hyperaligned people and process, moving towards a shared purpose. This is where our organizations start to feel more like organisms than a machines. 


Help us heal and evolve the world of leadership and business. Our future generations depend on it.


Your donation allows us to:

  • Translate our executive leadership curriculum into K-12 offerings

  • Offer scholarship seats in our transformative programs

  • Grow an abundant resource library, accessible to leaders across disciplines and industries

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