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Our team and what we stand for

About Us

Evolving business and leadership for a sustainable future

We are humans who care about the future of humanity and the planet. We are executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, parents, coaches and healers who understand that our deepest issues are deeply human. We're transforming leadership (by transforming people) from the inside out. If we are the problem, we can also be the solution.

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Our Team

Meet the founding members and stewards of Living Leaders.

Our Story

Like anything, this organization started as a distant calling, then an idea shared among passionate colleagues with shared purpose. It has since become a home for deep impact and community. Our mission is a reflection of what lives in our hearts, and future we want to create.


Our founding team has decades of collective experience in delivering executive education at Harvard University, running world-class business accelerators, working with Fortune 500 CEOs as well as studying biomimicry, energy healing, quantum physics, and indigenous knowledge systems.


Living Leaders was created to support integrated and embodied leadership. We are bringing the worlds of business, nature, and human consciousness together, synthesizing what we have learned so that leaders at any level can apply these learnings to their lives and work. We aim to make this work accessible and open-source because we have no more time to waste.

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Our North Star Principles

The beliefs and mindsets that guide us.

We are nature.

We seek to heal our separation wound and remember that we are part of a larger whole.

Our ancestors knew how to live in harmony with nature.

We tap into this ancient wisdom, still contained in our collective memory and DNA, to invite a (k)new business logic. This logic is rooted in a balanced trifecta of consciousness, nature, and technology (both new + ancient).

Purpose is more easily channeled, when we are clear channels.

When our minds, bodies, and guiding principles are clear, we can cut through the noise and stay connected to both our purpose and inner guidance system. This is how we weather any storm, and why we include practices that support both body and mind, as an integral part of leadership. 

We are cyclical + dynamic beings.

There is wisdom and health found in re-attuning ourselves to the natural rhythms of cycles and seasons. It is imperative that we honor phases of rest and integration as much as we value productivity.

Leadership starts within. 

We have to heal ourselves if we want to heal our broken world (culture and systems).

We are in a massive moment of healing and evolution. 

Conscious leaders hold space and empathize with how challenging this period of deep change and grieving can be. Most systems on our planet are failing. Our fundamental understandings of who we are and how the world works are breaking. This death and rebirth is a good thing, AND it's hard.

We must decolonize our leadership mindset. 

In Western cultures, we are indoctrinated into an exploitative culture of colonialism and control from birth. As leaders of the future, we are committed to unlearning and deprogramming these harmful mindsets.

The leadership of the future is embodied and integrated. 

Leadership built on integrity and intuition, harnesses the power of BOTH masculine (sun) and feminine (moon). Regardless of gender, we can learn to embody these full spectrum leadership qualities.

Diverse perspectives and skillsets make us more resilient.

We cannot see the full picture on our own. Inclusively inviting our unique vantage points to the table is part of how we source collective intelligence and create a more just and equitable future.

Meet our Founder, Nicole.

Nicole Bellisle has worked with thousands of executives and founders from around the world in her roles at Harvard University, Techstars, Impact Hub, and Leaders on Purpose (a global organization serving Fortune 500 CEOs). She has helped grow 8 companies in the last 10 years, including a startup that was funded on Shark Tank. She is the founder of Living Leaders, an educational institute that supports conscious leaders to build regenerative companies that are not just sustainable for our planet, but also sustainable for people. Much of her work is focused on healing work trauma and toxic work culture, through more conscious leadership practices and self-healing work. She is the host of the (K)new Self Podcast, which hosts conversations about transforming how we do Work + Life.


Nicole believes that the old way of doing business (control, patriarchal systems, extraction) is dying. She suffered from severe burnout from this way of operating and used practices like self-reiki and cycle syncing to heal. Since, she has dedicated her career to serving purpose-driven companies who want to scale without burning out.

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