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The Living Leaders Podcast

A podcast about about conscious, regenerative leadership

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What does it actually takes to lead change & cultural healing in organizations?

It's no secret business as usual is broken. It's time to fundamentally evolve how we do work. Many are struggling to heal from burnout and work trauma. Meanwhile, organizations are struggling to lead with purpose and clarity in the face of today's complexity and chaos. Our planet and future ancestors are depending on us to rise to the occasion and work collaboratively to build new systems and norms. This podcast is a space for deep learning and practice. 


Join us for conversations with real leaders who are walking the talk and serving as models of a new way of doing and being. 

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"Nicole is extremely well-spoken and does a phenomenal job driving the conversation in a positive direction. She shares the mic with knowledgeable, impactful guests and the perspectives shared will elevate your thinking and mindset. I recommend adding this podcast to your listening rotation today."

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We're seeking leaders of all levels across industries and from around the world. Know someone who would be a great fit for the show? Submit a recommendation (or submit yourself) as a potential guest and one and our team will be in touch. 


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We’re seeking values-aligned sponsorship for Season 3! In this season, we’ll share untold and unexpected stories from real leaders to give us a look at what it actually takes to lead change and cultural healing in organizations. If interested, our team will send you sponsorship packages.


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Join our subscriber community and donate as little as $3 per month. Your support helps us to make the show even better, from the caliber and experience of our guests to optimizing and editing the show for our listeners. Any amount helps. Thanks for your support!

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Join us in pioneering a new era of leadership and business - one that is healing, sustainable, and beneficial for all. 

Your generous contribution empowers us to:

  1. Advance Cutting-Edge Research: Dive deep into the emerging trends and innovative, nature-inspired business models that will define the future of leadership. Help us unlock new strategies and insights that will guide the next generation of leaders.

  2. Foster Inclusive Excellence: Sponsor promising individuals through our scholarship program. Your donation makes our transformative leadership programs accessible to diverse talents, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, creating a ripple effect of change.

  3. Build a Dynamic Resource Hub: Support the growth of our comprehensive digital library. Your contribution helps curate a vast repository of knowledge, tools, and best practices, easily accessible to leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers across various sectors.


Together, we can cultivate a legacy of mindful leadership and sustainable business practices.

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