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The Regenerative Leader

A leadership accelerator program for founders + executives

Let's unlock your leadership potential.

You already hold a blueprint for the unique expression of leadership that this world needs. We are at a tipping point, and it will require all of us to build a better future. The vision that lives in your heart is no accident. It is connected to a larger collective vision. And your unique contribution to that collective vision for our future is waiting to be unleashed. In fact, future generations depend on you following this calling.


If you've found yourself here, we trust that you already know this on some level. Whether you're a seasoned executive, a parent, a business owner, a community advocate, or an entrepreneur, we're here to help you develop, embody, and master your leadership practice so that you can step into your expression as a fully embodied leader. Leaders today are living models and invitations, beacons of light into a (k)new way of doing and being. 


Each one of us is a leader, first and foremost of ourselves. Our values, habits, and mindsets all create our leadership practice. And through this program, your leadership practice will be activated in ways you didn't even know were possible.

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Leadership starts with you and ripples out into everything you touch.

Lead Regeneratively

Learn to 

This program will transform how you see yourself as a leader, and how you show up to your life + work. By the end, you will have a deeper sense of your unique gifts and how to embody the values of new paradigm business, so that you can heal through work, and scale without burning out or harming the planet. This is the future of leadership and business. 

What this program can do for you:
  • Discover your evolutionary purpose and unique gifts as a leader

  • Make hyper-aligned, strategic decisions with ease 

  • Regulate your nervous system even through crisis and complexity

  • Set better boundaries with people and tasks that drain you

  • Learn to set holistic, integrated goals across your work + life 

  • Stay grounded and connect to your long-term vision

  • Gain insight into the future of leadership and regenerative operational design

  • Heal from burnout and work trauma

  • Let go of imposter syndrome and perfectionism

  • Decolonize your leadership mindset 

  • Build deep relationships with other leaders committed to leading with full alignment and integrity

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Who is This For?​

This program is made for you if:

  • You’re a "leader" of some type even if you don't identify with that word

  • You're a business owner, executive, community leader, parent, and/or entrepreneur seeking to have a positive impact through your work, without sacrificing your values or your health

  • You know that business as usual is broken, and burnout culture is harmful to people and planet, and you're ready for some new operating standards

  • You've been walking the self-improvement path for some time now, but you're ready to take bold, aligned action to hit your goals

  • You want to live a life full of integrity, meaning, and authentic relationships 

  • You appreciate diverse perspectives, and believe in the wisdom that nature and indigenous cultures can teach us

7 Weeks of Transmutational Learning + Growing

Inside the Course

Week 1: Understanding Your Unique Gifts + Purpose

  • Purpose blueprint based on your core archetypes 

  • Self-review with peer mirroring 

Week 2: Priming Your Body for Leadership

  • Whole human wellness wheel assessment

  • Habits and practices for conscious, regenerative self-leadership 

Week 3: Cultivating an "Inner Culture" of Dignity

  • Self talk roundup

  • Investigating our dominant narratives, beliefs, and societal constructs

Week 4: Learning to Manage Our Energy

  • Boundary setting 

  • Energy audit

Week 5: Unlocking Reciprocity in Relationships

  • Abundance and scarcity map

  • Building momentum through true generosity and gratitude cross stakeholders

Week 6: Communicating from Truth & Integrity

  • Using language that promotes your deepest values + vision

  • Conscious communication practices & tools


Week 7: Maintaining Mental Clarity 

  • Decision making litmus test 

  • Decluttering headspace and optimizing mental health

Post-Program Integration

  • Self-care and self-reflection 

  • Community-supported conversations and case stories 

Program Structure

  • 7 weeks of self-paced content, time-released each week (typically 90 minutes of video content with prompts for self-assessment and self-reflection throughout)

  • 7 live facilitated virtual sessions where you'll deepen your leadership practices through peer-to-peer activities and discussions 

  • A leadership workbook complete with all self-assessments, journal prompts, and additional resources for your journey through the program

  • Private WhatsApp group where you'll be able to ask questions and receive reminders directly from faculty and facilitators 

  • Opportunity to attend office hours with faculty and/or book 1:1 leadership coaching sessions as needed

Spring 2024
Program Schedule

Live sessions are held from 12-1:30pm PT / 3-4:30pm ET on Wednesdays. Self-paced content will be released on Friday of each week, for completion before the next live session.​ Please be sure these dates work for your schedule prior to applying.

April 10

April 17

April 24

May 1

May 8

May 15

May 22

CEO & Founder

“If you want to work with someone who can help your company or team reach its full potential, Nicole Bellisle is that person. She completely supports teams and clients to step into their truth, integrity, and wellness while uncovering their vast potential to transform internally and within society as a whole. Nicole leads with compassion and understanding, perfectly complementing her business acumen. She is a highly-skilled consultant, course designer, and operational team manager. Any team would be lucky to work with Nicole to take their team-building and leadership training to the next level!”



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

YOU are more important to us than your money. If you decide this experience isn't right for you within the first 30 days of the program launch, get your money back no questions asked.

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Meet your lead faculty, Nicole Bellisle.

Having been on the forefront of sustainability and purpose-driven leadership for over a decade, I've learned first-hand that leadership starts as an inside job. The health of our organizations is often a reflection of our health. When organizations are led from integrity, transparency, trust, and clarity, we help heal toxic work culture.

Consciously leading from this place takes a deep commitment, especially in a VUCA world so full of distractions and perverse incentives. The way we've been operating simply isn't sustainable, and the world is calling for a new type of leadership.

I've worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and executives at Harvard University, Techstars, and Impact Hub. Some of those have gone on to win funding on Shark Tank and support Fortune 500 CEOs. What do I notice across the board?

The companies with self-aware leaders and cultures of dignity for humans and planetary life, are outperforming their counterparts long-term by almost every metric... and yet there are still not enough of these self-aware, high-impact leaders for the level of systemic change our world needs.


That's why I founded Living Leaders and created The Regenerative Leader program, which I CANNOT WAIT to personally take you through. This program is a leadership accelerator for conscious, regenerative leadership, and it will catapult you into hyper-aligned leadership action. This isn't just another leadership training. I've distilled 10+ years of direct and indirect leadership wisdom into this offering, drawing from my world-class experience as a global entrepreneur, executive, leadership educator, and holding sacred learning space for healing as a Reiki Master Teacher and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator with deep reverence for nature's genius. This program involves both deep integration and application.


Are you ready? Because the world is ready for your leadership.


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