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Let's take a deeper dive, together.

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When I work with clients, I become an extension of their leadership team, through my coaching and consulting services. I love seeing purpose-driven companies scale. 

​Here's what I can bring to your company:

  • 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience

  • Synthesized wisdom from working with thousands of purpose-driven executives and founders all around the world, in my roles at Harvard University, Techstars, and Impact Hub. 

  • Practices  that I've personally mastered and used to help companies double their revenue while reducing the number of hours worked

  • Templates, operational practices, and team management tips from my experience as a COO

  • Leadership mindset shifts to run burnout-free teams and get out of your own way as you scale

  • Self-healing practices to boost your well-being and capacity as a conscious leader 

Where growth meets leadership potential

Team Management Systems for More Flow, Less Burnout

World-Class Executive Leadership Practices

Regenerative Business Operations for Holistic KPIs

Scaling Strategy for Realizing your Mission AND your Financial Health

1:1 Coaching

I support conscious leaders who are ready to scale their businesses, without sacrificing their health or their relationships. My methodology for scaling is rooted in well-being, authenticity, and building a practice of deep self-awareness, so that you can make clear, aligned decisions and stay focused on your purpose. Work with me in a 1:1 setting to level up your conscious leadership practices and grow a thriving regenerative company on your terms. 

Leadership Consulting

Bring me in to work with your entire executive team in a series of individual and group sessions, designed to prepare you to grow a conscious team and company. You'll unlock more flow and trust in your communication practices and operational processes as a leadership team, while anchoring yourselves in a crystal clear strategic plan that accounts for both growth and well-being. 

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I work best with clients who already have a proven business concept, and are ready to scale without burning out.

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Live Workshops for Teams

I help companies build conscious and effective team cultures, where well-being is AS important as hitting KPIs. If your team is ready to take its operations and team management to the next level, I'd love to support them with a custom workshop. I specialize in topics such as:

  • Regenerative team + operational practices

  • Healing and preventing burnout + work trauma

  • Healthy mindsets for scaling + navigating change

  • Cycle syncing at work

  • Self-reiki for stress, anxiety and sleep

Workshops can be held in person or virtually. Please email to with more details about your team and we'll find a time to connect further. 

Podcast Appearances

I live for conscious, meaningful conversations that foster deeper awakening within us. Through my experience and expertise, I can bring the following wisdom to your podcast:

  • Regenerative / "new paradigm" business

  • Cycle syncing at work and in teams 

  • Scaling without burning out

  • Managing your energy as a leader / founder 

  • Business & entrepreneurship as a practice ground for self-healing and cultivating self-trust

Check out my profile on PodMatch for more information. You can also create your own PodMatch profile here, to be matched with podcast appearances or guests in your unique niche. 

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I've worked with incredible humans across the globe, who are also transforming the way we work.


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