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What is the future of leadership?

THAT is the question we seek to answer in these labs. A prototyping mindset helps us to test practices, structures, and frameworks at the edges of leadership development. Many of you are already experimenting in how you run your organizations and teams. Living Leadership Labs are containers for collaboratively sharing biggest learnings and pitfalls with one another. 

These "mastermind-like" experiences are expertly facilitated and utilize the latest in "social engineering" to support the group with pattern recognition, upvoting the biggest insights, and synthesizing the collective intelligence of the group into further prototyping and application. Labs are designed for breakthroughs and leave plenty of space for processing the human elements that show up along the way.

Learning in isolation is too inefficient for the level of leadership transformation that is needed today. Consider these Labs to be a forum for accelerating your learning as a pioneer of the future of work. 

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The way we do business and leadership is evolving.

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Participants are selected and grouped based on experience, background, and stage of business, to ensure that these containers are diverse and full of prototyping power. Get on the waitlist to be notified when applications open.

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We've worked with incredible humans across the globe, who are also transforming the way we work.


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