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Collective intelligence circles for your biggest challenges

It takes a village.

Leadership can be a lonely journey. Between juggling priorities, sifting through ambiguity, and managing the messiness of being human, being a leader can be tough.

As leaders, we rarely get the time, space and stillness necessary for fully digesting our circumstances or the information available to us. The world we live in is fast, unpredictable, and full of noise.

How are you supposed to find clarity or make important decisions amid all of this complexity?

What if you didn't have to on your own?

What if you could call on a group of highly specialized, experienced individuals – handpicked just for you – and crowdsource clarity on your biggest challenges?

Circles are expertly facilitated collective intelligence containers for your biggest challenges. After deeply listening to your challenge, and asking the right questions, the members of your circle are selected for an experience like no other. 

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I'm Interested
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The complexity of today's challenges
is beyond individual computing power.

Are you ready to Circle Up?

Here's how it works
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Step 1

Schedule a 20-minute discovery call with us to see if it's a mutual fit.

Get Started
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Step 2

Meet with your facilitator in a 90-minute deep dive session, to lay out the specifics of your challenge and context.

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Step 3

Hang tight while we handpick your circle members from our global network. If our experts have additional context-specific questions, we'll collect your answers for them.

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Step 4

Show up open-minded & fully present. Remember, this is a facilitated experience. Circle members will already have background context, so we'll dive right into the experience.

Who is this for?

Circles are best for leaders who are ready and willing to make real changes – in themselves, in how they run their organization, and via the impact that ripples out from there.

Does this sound like you?

  • You hold a leadership position and have decision making power or the ability to influence key decisions in your organization.

  • You're currently facing a challenge that feels complex. It feels impossible to untangle because of the nuance. and how intricately interconnected its parts are

  • You know that solving this challenge is key for your organization's success. It sits as a roadblock in your company's evolution, even if you can't see the full picture yet.

  • You're willing to face any difficult truths about the situation, including your own blind spots or patterning as a leader. You're equally willing to grow as a leader.

  • You recognize that you don't know what you don't know, and think to yourself, "someone out there must have figured this out already."

  • You believe diverse perspectives or expert advise could help shine a light on the path forward.

Get Started
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Sometimes new perspectives help shine a light on what we cannot see ourselves.

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Tell me more about these experts.

We have a world-class network of seasoned executives, successful entrepreneurs, investors, subject matter experts, coaches and healers. Our network is global and built on trust. Any referrals are vetted before being invited to sit in a Circle. 

What's in it for them?

Our experts are paid for their time sitting in Circle. Many of them are sought after experts and mentors who are leaving a legacy by offering their wisdom to rising leaders like yourself. 

Plus, our facilitation techniques are based on the latest research in collective intelligence and social engineering, which frankly, is fascinating to participate in. 

OK, I'm in.

The Investment

Depending on the nature of your challenge, and the experts required, your investment will range from $500-$4000.

We've worked with incredible humans across the globe, who are also transforming the way we work.


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