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Regenerative Leadership is a system and a way of being

Growing a company regeneratively starts with first cultivating a regenerative culture within. 

We live in a world where burnout and exploiting our bodies is normalized. We are incentivized to extract value and money, at any cost. Over time, this extractive relationship leads to work trauma, at the individual, team, and company levels. Our current system of work is sick, and we have the opportunity to heal it.

Regenerative leadership is a system that heals burnout across all of these scales, and allows us to build momentum through cycles, rather than perpetual doing and insatiable linear growth. By doing this cultural healing work we build incredible coherence across these scales. This allows us to “scale” with more integrity AND retain talent. Workers all over the world are demanding healthier, more sustainable work cultures.


This way of operating walks us home to more balance and sustainability, as it unlocks the power of our feminine essence (which we all have regardless of gender), and restores our sacred relationship to the planet. 

Regenerative operations mimic nature. Through these practices we unlock information flow, build stronger feedback loops, and increase our resiliency amid change and constantly evolving contexts. We step into a dance with the intelligence of life, using our intuition and sensemaking abilities. This way of being + doing feels divine. It feels more nature and whole.

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The world is ready to "work" differently.
Are you?

Regenerative Leadership Program

This program will transform how you see yourself as a leader, and how you show up to your business and team. By the end, you will have a deeper sense of your unique gifts and how to embody the values of new paradigm business, so that you can heal through work, and scale without burning out or harming the planet. This is the future of leadership and business. 

What this program can do for you and your business:
  • Heal patterns of burnout and exhaustion

  • Bring your company into a sacred relationship with its values and mission

  • Unlock information flow across your team for better decision making

  • Boost visibility of individual gifts and how they connect

  • Cultivate operations systems that support healthy people AND metrics

  • Increase aligned revenue streams while giving you your time and energy back

Who is This For?​

This program is made for you if:

  • You’re a conscious business owner or executive seeking to grow your company without sacrificing your values or your health

  • You know that business as usual is broken, and burnout culture is harmful to people and planet

  • You are able to make operational decisions

  • You run a small team, and supporting their well-being while unlocking their potential in your company is important to you 

  • You have a proven business model that brings in at least $500K annually, and are ready to grow your company, but you want to be sure to do this in a way that feels good to you

9 Weeks of Transmutational Learning + Growing

Inside the Course

This course is intentionally broken down into 3 phases, to represent the "scales" at which you will be scaling. 

Phase 1: Self-Leadership

  • Your unique gifts

  • Guiding values & principles

  • Whole human wellness through leadership of your own life

  • Values-aligned decision making and boundary setting

  • Unblocking fears and beliefs holding you back

  • Setting your intention for scaling

  • Regenerative leadership practices that build momentum in health AND success

Phase 2: Scaling Regeneratively

  • Hiring, contracts and outsourcing

  • Regenerative operational systems and templates

  • Syncing your business model with your ideal lifestyle

  • Regenerative team management practices 

  • Biomimic (nature-inspired) financial design

  • Unlocking information flow for autonomous, self-managing team Flow

Phase 3: Becoming the New Standard

  • Authentic sharing your culture and standards through storytelling

  • The power of mutualism with BOTH collaborators and competitors

  • Healing patterns of burnout and colonialism by embodying a new way

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Program Structure

  • 9 weeks with new self-paced content each week

  • 6 live facilitated virtual experiences focused on integration and application

  • Occasional pre-work (ex: journaling prompts, filling out templates or self-assessments) prior to attending a live experience 

  • Private WhatsApp group where you'll be able to ask questions, and receive reminders + additional resources directly from Nicole 

Program Schedule with Dates

Applications are not yet open. Be sure to sign up for the waitlist to receive the official program dates and application link.


100% By Donation

For this first cohort only, I’m offering this course on a 100% donation basis. This course is valued at $3,000, and pulls from my 10+ years of leadership education across Harvard University, Techstars, and Impact Hub.

Why am I offering this on a donation basis?

  • This initial offering is a Beta version, and I’d love to invite your feedback

  • If you love it, I’d be so grateful for your testimonial and support with spreading the word about this program

  • If this course truly delivers, I trust that you’ll boost your revenue and wish to donate anyway, to further the development of this beautifully intentioned course that is designed to help business owners step into a new (more sustainable) paradigm of work

  • A donation model allows for accessibility that is proportionate to the resources a person has.

  • I'm curious about this as a model of more conscious capitalism, so I'd like to pilot it.

A Message from Nicole.

It's going to take ALL of us to embody a new way of working and living. Having grown 8 companies in the last 10 years, I've worked with global startups who have gone on to win Shark Tank and support Fortune 500 CEOs. I'm no stranger to burnout or how "the grind" is sensationalized. I've also learned that "success" isn't happiness, especially if we've harmed our bodies and the planet in the process. This way of working isn't sustainable, and for the last 5 years I've been piloting a new way of operating more regeneratively in life + work – as one integrated system, rather than separate parts of life. 


I've worked with thousands of entrepreneurs at Harvard University, Techstars, and Impact Hub. The companies with self-aware leaders and cultures of dignity for humans and planetary life, are outperforming their counterparts long-term. Many of them are run by women...

Our "feminine" gifts of empathy, intuition, and sensemaking allow us to be multi-dimensionally prosperous, adaptable through changing tides,  AND fulfilled in our lives. Even amid my addiction to work and productivity, I nurtured these gifts. I'm a Reiki Master Teacher who has been practicing for 13 years. I am a student of shamans and indigenous knowledge keepers, and I cherish my connection to nature.

I truly believe we are at an evolutionary moment, and this current expression of my work is my way of offering my unique gifts to play my part. 💜

Thanks for being here,


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We've worked with incredible humans across the globe, who are also transforming the way we work.

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