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Energy Audit

Use this tool to illuminate what in your life is energizing you and draining you most, so that you can redesign accordingly.

Your creative lifeforce energy is so precious. Where you focus your attention (and intention) truly matters... as in it literally manifests into matter. If we aren't consciously choosing where our energy is going, we can easily become distracted, fragmented, and stressed. Not to mention, certain activities that are not in alignment with our highest self can feel draining of our energy. The same goes for people. You've properly heard buzz words like "energy vampires," and they are real.

Learning to manage your energy is even more critical than managing your time. You can neatly organize tasks and biohack your way to efficiency and productivity all day long, but if those tasks are not aligned with your innate creative gifts and true purpose, those tasks will leave you feeling drained and unfulfilled. Managing your energy through tools like the Energy Audit worksheet is a profoundly simple way to unlock your creative flow and vitality.

Managing your energy ends up saving you time, while keeping you better aligned to your goals AND your health. You are not a productivity machine. You are an infinitely creative being with so much to offer to this world.

The Energy Audit worksheet is profoundly simple, and yet it illuminates huge blindspots. Check out the accompanying video below to enrich your experience, and get your free copy of the worksheet below.

This worksheet is part of a suite of resources and offerings to support you with managing your energy as a leader and business owner. Conscious leaders know how to manage their energy. Energy management is one of three key pillars for Regenerative Leadership that you'll find on this site. I hope you enjoy the journey of traversing these resources to deepen your leadership practices, because just like meditation or yoga, embodied leadership is a practice. Leadership in this new paradigm of work we are stepping into is rooted in your self-awareness and integrity as a leader, rather than your ability to control and exploit resources.

If you need additional support, check out my online courses, and remember, I'm just an email away for 1:1 coaching support. Email for more information.

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